Few things you need to know before topping up credits into your account:

  1. Our payment system runs in credit.
  2. Once you submitted a land search, your credit will be deducted according to the amount stated in the system.
  3. Make sure you have sufficient credits in your account, otherwise your land search will not proceed.
  4. You may then top up the amount into your Easylaw Account via our available payment method.
  5. Make sure you top up the account you submitted land search. 
    Eg. You submitted a land search via a personal account, top-up to "My Credits" instead of "Corporate Credits".
  6. After topping up, kindly email the bank-in slip/payment proof to hello@easylaw.com.my for verification purposes.

How to top up credits in my Easylaw account?

  1. Sign in to your Easylaw account.

  2. Click on the red tab with your username appeared, select "Land search Listing".

  3. From My Credits/Corporate Credits, select "Top Up".

  4. Fill in billing details accordingly and select your preferred payment method.

Please refer to the link for a visual guide on how to top up credits HERE